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Dir: Mark Duffield


A compilation ofthe work I did on Demon. Highlighting the production audio to the final audio.

Set in Victorian London, DEMON is a dark Gothic horror love story of a young man Lorcan who visits the London Hospital for treatment of a blood disorder. At the hospital Lorcan meets Amy a young nurse and they have an instant attraction to each other and fall in love. However Lorcan soon discovers that he is cursed from birth and should he love or be loved he will transform into a living demon. Soon Lorcan the Demon appears and causes havoc. It is only Amy who can save him.

There was only guide audio on the film when I received it and therefore all dialogue had to be replaced as well as creating a fully filled soundtrack consisting of period ambiances and sound fx.

Winner Best Picture – Hollywood Investigator
Winner Best Actor - Hollywood Investigator 
Winner Best FX - Hollywood Investigator
Winner Best Actress – British Horror Film Festival
Winner Best Cinematography – British Horror Film Festival

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