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Ghost in the Machine
Dir: Oliver Krimpass | Dop: Robbie Ryan B.S.C

This video highlights the difference between the production audio and the final audio.

A downtrodden Yorkshire farm girl turns the tables on her dictatorial father with the help of her new best friend: a rusting, 60 year-old tractor.

When I met Oliver Krimpass we discussed what techniques we could use to bring the tractor to life. Other potential Sound Designers had proposed to him to run the dialogue through your typical plate reverbs. I recommended to do some Worldizing. This interested Oliver as his roots lie deep in traditional film making.

Tractor: The tractor's VO was played off an ipod to a loud speaker which was positioned inside a large metal pot. I placed loose lids, springs, screws and other metal objects on top and inside and experimented. This was then placed inside an Isolation booth and re-recorded with a Shotgun Mic (Rode NTG-3). The final mix is a combination of both original voiceover and the re-recording. This gave the tractor a very full and natural feel.

Much of the audio needed some noise-reduction with it being shot outdoors and with no budget for ADR. For example. In the first scene of this video there is light generator hum which needed to be removed. Cutting around it and using a combination of techniques and plugins we were able to eliminate this and replace it with some lush ambiance. Unnoticeable. 


Winner BEST GREEK DIASPORA DIRECTOR, Drama Film Festival, Drama, Greece.
Winner BEST FILM & SPECIAL MENTION: MUSIC, Priverno Short Film Festival 2012
Winner BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY Sapporo Short Film Festival 2012
FINALIST, Foyle Film Festival 2011


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